It doesn't stop at articles, poems and stories. A picture is worth a thousand words and can say as much as letters can spell. So send in your photographic masterpieces, sketches and paintings for the world to see.

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a. Each entry is worth 1 point, upto a maximum of 10 points per college.

b. The top 3 winning entries will get points equivalent to the winning points of a Level 1 event.

1. OMG. LOL :| Do we dumb ourselves down to fit in with our peers?

2. Have you ever bumped into the teacher whose lecture you're bunking just as you are leaving the class? Write to us about your most embarrassing moments ever!

3. *beep *#$% beeeeep* How important is censorship?

4. "Grrrr! I wish I were an only child!"- The growing pains we all face.

5. What makes your city unique?

6. Har ek friend zaroori hota hai. Have "friends" just become a statistic we brag about?

7. Browsing v/s Stalking. Where do we draw the line?

8. I can't believe I volunteere   ur hotel reservation was mixed up. THEN our money got stolen. -The worst vacation ever!

12. Inspector Dhoble and Promod Muthalik (of Pink chaddi campaign fame): Do we need the moral police to 'preserve Indian culture' for us?

13. Does age matter in Relationships?