5 things NM students are missing the most right now!

  1.  OC: This is a no-brainer! Every NM student is in love with the OC! The sort of ambiance it has, how it instantly becomes your second home, and how its a place where everyone has memories! It is hands down everyone’s escape place! There is no other vibe like the OC vibe.Spending long hours gossiping, playing carrom, taking long walks after lectures is truly the anatomy of NM students.
  2. Canteen: Everybody is missing a hot cup of ‘chai’ or coffee from the canteen which gets them through morning lectures. We miss Babloo uncle’s tastiest piping hot samosas outside the college gate. Anand’s vada pav with mouth-watering chutney! The wackiest Frankie combinations and  ‘break wali’ Maggi & pasta! Then come the show-stoppers:’cold coco’ and ‘choco sticks’ without which every break feels incomplete. Also, how can I forget the most delicious MOMOS!
  3. The Auto hunt: It is impossible to find an auto in the first go! Don’t trust me? Try asking your NM friends how frustrating it is when all the Autowalas don’t want to go to your destination but just the “station” and how every other person standing next to them is vulturing over an opportunity to get an auto first! 
  4. Random washroom and bottle filling runs: I’m sure most of the girls miss these random washroom runs which end up turning into selfie sessions. This is everyone’s option to escape from the impromptu questions a teacher asks when you are not paying attention!
  5. Meeting friends: Though some of us enjoy the liberty online lectures give us, we can’t deny the things it has taken away from us, the most precious being the time we spent with our friends every day! Randomly running into your old committee friend in the lobby and forgetting to keep a track of time while chit-chatting, and you missed your lecture again.

However, on behalf of every NM student, I can confidently say what we are not missing, its missing lectures, and arguing with the watchman to let us in at 7:06.Do let us know what else you miss the most about your college in this lockdown in the comment section below!