Back To The Streets

Bring the beat back and show and show your moves on the floor by forming your own sound.
Enrapture the audience with your energy and spirit.

Thematic Dance



If creativity is your forte and ingenuity your impulse, then be a part of these multi-dimensional
workshops. It doesn’t matter if you’re sporty or crafty because Umang’19 has an array of topics for
all those who want to discover the hidden talent in you, in the form of these unconventional
workshops. If you’re one to create, enjoy and develop all at once, be a part of these workshops.


Panel Discussion

In the eye of the storm of all heated discussions on pressing issues of the community, seated, are the
politically sound individuals. If you’re one for the ‘unpopular opinions’ then this is the one for you.
Listen to the unheard answers of unsought questions. Hear the panel crackle with energy, elicit fresh
ideas and brainstorm solutions to a problem. Grab this opportunity to know what’s actually going on
out there, discuss about unconventional stories and have panellists from all walks of life rise to the
occasion with ideas that not only stimulate your senses but also invoke you to question the existing



It is said that behind every successful person, there are a lot of unsuccessful years. From Bhuvan
Bam to Sachin Tendulkar, get a chance to witness their stories come to life. Right from their
struggles to their triumphs, the Convention is set to leave you inspired. For all those whose stories
are yet to be written, Umang welcomes you to be a part of this life-changing experience and make a
career out of your passion.


Corporate Talk

To all those who wish to be global leaders of the economy, this is the platform for you. It takes the
right vision along with change, to make it happen. It’s time to incorporate the entrepreneur inside
yourself. Find your own chance to be the next Elon musk. Get a chance to meet real life, bigtime
entrepreneurs, ask questions and learn from their treasured entrepreneurial experiences.


Umang Talk

Umang Talk includes speeches delivered by individuals who are meant to move the audience with
their words. It is not just about inspiring the audience; it is about inspiring the next generation. Get
ready to be a part of the Umang Talk, where people and ideas play together in tandem, wherein
inspiration is brimming to a full and where your vision turns into reality. Laugh, learn and liberate
with these ground breaking thoughts.Get inspired, to do moo-re with the Umang talk.


Under 25 Summit

Every soul has a different world , faced a different demon, danced to a different tune and so, every soul has a different tale to tell. A tale that can only be told by the soul itself. Sharing such a story takes a great courage. Here at Umang 2019, we invite notable personalities to speak and spread their wisdom


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