Back To The Streets

Bring the beat back and show and show your moves on the floor by forming your own sound.
Enrapture the audience with your energy and spirit.

Thematic Dance

This is your chance to make two different dance styles coexist on one platform. Create a prefect
harmony by fusing two contrasting styles and show us your knowledge and skills.



The Management Maestro

The Management Maestro has been the signature event of Management ∞ Fest. The
Management Maestro is a search for the ‘Complete Manager’. It tests the participant’s
overall Management skills. It includes testing of pure professional managerial abilities
of the participants through a series of different rounds.



Here is your chance to revolutionize the world and create an impact. Here is your
chance to do something NOW. PEHEL offers you the platform to showcase the
innovator in you and the chance to network with investors.


Corporate Lunch

Ever wondered what it’s like to have a meal with your business associates?
Showcase your convincing skills and corporate knowledge to prove your point. Here
is your chance to prove yourself worthy of being in a real world corporate lunch.


Litt Up!

‚ÄčAre you fascinated by legal drama? Do you think that you have a way with words? Do
you always win arguments? Can you fight both sides of a case? Channel your inner
Harvey Spectre and pour over the details to make your case.


Alibaba’s Treasure Escapade

Do you enjoy solving logical and mathematical puzzles? Do you like to take your brain
on an adventure? Then come be a part of this journey, uncover the hidden treasure
and escape the cave by leaving your competition in dust.


The Maze Master

If you have a knack to hunt your way about life and otherwise using a little logic and
mathematics, compete to become the Ultimate Maze Master.


The B Game

If you enjoy a good puzzle and cannot get enough of them then riddle me this, why
are you not coming to this saga of puzzles?


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