Back To The Streets

Bring the beat back and show and show your moves on the floor by forming your own sound.
Enrapture the audience with your energy and spirit.

Thematic Dance

This is your chance to make two different dance styles coexist on one platform. Create a prefect
harmony by fusing two contrasting styles and show us your knowledge and skills.



Levitation Photography

Wingardium Leviosa! Yes, you got that right. Do you think you have it in you to
make something fly? If yes, then bring out your cameras and get ready to
capture your subject mid-air because that’s what this is all about.


Monochrome Strory

Use the concept of picking different shades of the same colour and hence,
highlighting different areas of a picture. But, that’s not all! The pictures must
depict a story with an obvious link.


Artsy Lens

Does editing come naturally to you? Can you combine landscape with portrait
and bring out the best in both? If yes, this is the place for you. Shoot and edit a
double exposure better than everyone else.


Muted Transgressions

Imagine being Ranbir Kapoor from Barfi and not being able to speak. Do you
think you’ll be able to portray your feelings as well as he did? Because if so,
then this is the right place for you!


Book Trailer

With a killer combination of motion graphics, music and editing- what’s not to
love about a book trailer? Conceptualising a book is all that is important for
this event.


Umang Film Maker

This is the signature event of Photomedia in which the participants are
required to shoot the essence of Umang. Make sure your creativity and
innovativeness stumps the others in order to become the ultimate film-maker!


Travel Fashion

Do you think you know all the latest trends? How about you amalgamate your fashion sense with your designing skills! Capture your models and make them look the best. This event covers everything- capture, design, edit


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