Back To The Streets

Bring the beat back and show and show your moves on the floor by forming your own sound.
Enrapture the audience with your energy and spirit.

Thematic Dance

This is your chance to make two different dance styles coexist on one platform. Create a prefect
harmony by fusing two contrasting styles and show us your knowledge and skills.



Two competing teams will be placed under dead- heat rules. Perfect your shot and combine that with your strategy and skill. Demonstrate your proficient spirit on the pitch and beat the pressure to emerge as the winner.


Fifa 19

This is the champions arena for the kings of virtual football. If your heart, soul, and hands are always on the PS console, this event is for you. So go and get some goals for victory.



Have you always considered yourself as the next Messi or Ronaldo? Now is your chance to get into the world of football. Score big and win big. From rock solid defenders to free scoring forwards. immerse yourself in the sport which is the most popular in the world.


Counter Strike

Global Offensive

Engage in an incredibly realistic brandof terrorist warfare ally with teammates to complete strategic missions and take out energy sites. Your role affects your team’s success and your team’s success affects your role. Get ready to defend and defuse


Mixed Martial Arts

‚ÄčPunch and kick hard like never before. Block like your life depends on it. Put your patience to the test and wait for the right time to strike. Showcase your reflexes and slam everyone in your way. Its about who beats them all and still stands tall.



Hold your breath. harness your inner strength. Its about who stays firm and stands out from the rest. Experience the most toughest games against the most fierce opponents.


Hulk It Up

Gear up for the most enthralling team game. Show your strength, prove your worth and push yourself to your physical limits and beyond. Amongst all the ordeals, measure your ability to survive between quitting and taking a step further. This exhilarating game will surely leave you asking for more.



Throw, collect and pass but be quick. As there is no time to unwind. Come play with all your energy because its time to test your adrenaline. Rise and shine as throwball is ready for you.


Table Tennis

If you have the perfect blend of speed, reflexes, vision and smartness at the court, then this is exactly where you belong. Keep your focus level and find the right time to smash towards victory.



Move quicker than lightning and gear up for for a gripping and electrifying event. Its time to stay alert and score fast. Brace yourself for this invigorating game.



Player Unknowns Battle Ground, colloquially known as PUBG, is if nothing else conceptually efficient. 100 players parachute onto an island. The last one alive wins. An unoriginal idea executed in an original fashion. Get ready to get some kills and win the chicken dinner.


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