Back To The Streets

Bring the beat back and show and show your moves on the floor by forming your own sound.
Enrapture the audience with your energy and spirit.

Thematic Dance

This is your chance to make two different dance styles coexist on one platform. Create a prefect
harmony by fusing two contrasting styles and show us your knowledge and skills.



Just A Minute

Do you have what it takes to be spontaneous and creative at the same time? Just A Minute is a
panel game in which contestants are challenged to speak without hesitation, deviation or
repetition on any subject that comes up on the cards. The ground rules are laid, the game is
about to begin, the clock is ticking, are you set?


Triple Tirade

Let the stage witness a clash of thoughts, opinions and perspectives. Don’t hesitate to voice
your opinions as long as you maintain the content, style and strategy. With a competitive mind
and a strong speaking strategy, you can ace this one of a kind debate.



Do you have a way with words? Are you questioning by nature? If you have answered these
questions in the affirmative then you possibly have strong journalistic skills. So what’s stopping
you from claiming the next Pulitzer Prize?


Abstract Articulation

Take a trip down memory lane and start practicing your tongue twisters but with a twist!
Incorporate them in your formal speech and astound everyone with your verbal prowess and
segueing skills.


Strings Attached

Are you always curious as to what will happen next? You don’t have to guess anymore. Strings
Attached is the perfect opportunity for you to bring out the Sherlock in you and tell us what you
think happened on this crime scene.


Verses Vs Verses

‚ÄčIf you love to indulge in the form of literature that uses the aesthetics of a language, here’s a
chance for you. Show us how you have mastered the interplay of words and rhythm. For all the
poetry lovers out there, this is your event.



The One With The Trivia; in this event we encourage you to explore arenas other than just
literature. But be quick as time swiftly ticks!


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