Back To The Streets



Have you ever dreamt to see your favorite artistes perform
live? The enthralling music, enthusiastic crowd and mind
blowing atmosphere will leave you hanging for more. Join
in to your favorite songs and keep the torch lights flashing.
Swing your body and dance to the peppy tunes and soulful
melodies. Watch as everything around you freezes while
you enjoy each moment to the fullest. We, at Umang,
promise you a night full of fun, frolic and memories, a night
that will forever be etched in your memory. Come be a part
of the crazy fun and madness at Umang'19.


Comedy Fest

Come join us at Umang's most awaited comedy event
which will be an unforgettable moment as you meet your
favorite standup comedians. We assure you that by the end
of the event, you will be rolling on the floor laughing. Their
wit, humor and enthusiasm will entertain you. Puns, gags
and one liners will also be a part of the show. This is an
event you should not miss!



Come watch some of the most exciting artistes perform
their acts. Be it music, dance, martial arts or fine arts. Let
the talent across the country bedazzle you as you watch
them showcase it through a beautiful performance.


Talk Show

Here is your chance to meet a prominent face in
Bollywood. Hear them share a laugh with our anchor and
answer some witty questions put forth to them. Get to
know more about a celebrity's lifestyle and experiences.
Get a sneak peek on the inside of a celebrity's life.


Anchor Hunt

Don't miss a chance to host the prestigious annual
intercollegiate festival of NM College - Umang. Your
personality, spontaneity and confidence is what matters
the most. Are you the best at handling tough situations?
Give it your best shot in the pre-on days trials and you
might be the lucky one who gets the opportunity to
anchor our events this year!


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