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Going once, going twice and sold! Brace yourselves for the sound of the gavel falling on the block as you furiously compete to sign the most coveted players in the realm of cricket. Create your dream IPL team to win it all but be wary of being outbid, for there are other franchises bidding to see you fall.


Two teams of heroes guarding their ‘Ancients’. Do you have what it takes to defend yours and defeat the enemy in this real-time multiplayer online arena? Engage in this conquest as the Radiant takes on the Dire and heroes clash in this fiercely competitive game. However, there can only be one winner, and as the saying goes-
“To the victor go the spoils”


Unleash your inner Arnold Schwarzenegger in this battle of brawn. Be prepared to be challenged by a series of physically daunting tasks.
Now is not the time to skip workout days for what you say does not matter; it is your endurance and that will do the talking.


The ultimate battle of the terrorists and the counter-terrorists is back and it is more intense than ever. Come out with all guns blazing and help your squad win the encounter. Use an AK 47 or a sniper, we don’t care, for all it takes to win is the courage to do and dare.


Considered to be at the pinnacle of mobile games, Call of Duty Mobile is the finest Battle Royale game out there to play. Team up with your friends and fight it out to be the last squad standing. The stakes are high and require all the skills you possess. Rev up fighters, it’s time to lock, load, and fire.

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