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For all you curious enthusiasts, Umang brings to you, workshops. With interactive sessions where you can explore, learn, and grow. One can experience the energy of the festival while learning something new, with an array of experts passing on wise words of advice, sharing their priceless experiences, and perhaps just a few tricks from up their sleeve. A means to create an intensive educational experience in a brief span of time. The perfect blend of training and group learning. We offer you a chance to try out new methods and learn hands-on skills. This year, Umang welcomes you to attend workshops that will enhance your capabilities in a competitive world. Return home enlightened and a hundred times wiser. Explore, enjoy, evolve, and grow all under the same roof.


Wrapped in sophistication are the respected nobles that hold answers and opinions regarding matters that lie controversial, pressing matters that pop in every social’s mind, the matters that bother the young minds. A platform for great minds from different walks of life, to discuss matters of great magnitude. Opportunity to witness a piece of great minds and attain clarity on controversies, get exposure like never before. Umang 2020 brings to you an opportunity to witness a piece of great minds and attain clarity on controversies, perspectives, and approaches, get exposure like never before.


Every soul has seen a different world, faced a different demon, danced to a different tune and so every soul holds a different tale to tell. A tale only that soul could share, such a story that moves you. We invite the true Heros and Fighters of the world, who stand strong despite being put through dreadful torments, despite being wrong, to speak their piece and spread the word they consider wisdom. Umang 2020 gives you an opportunity to hear from acclaimed personalities that acted for this very passion only to reach the skies and to hear the stories that need to be heard.
Leave inspired.


A vision is only so much without the determination to transform it into reality. It takes courage and wit to find your way through the world. Ever wondered how Ambani set his empire? Or think of how Tata set up his? They had what it took and had the courage to do what it took. But do not take no one’s word for it. Hear them speak themselves. Question them to seek all the answers that are keys to success. Listen as they speak. Observe as they talk while they answer the many questions that are raised by young minds. Leave with reason and determination. With a lesson for the future.


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