YJHD is one of the most celebrated and appreciated movies of recent times! We all loved the impromptu trip and the destination wedding plot of the movie. Now it’s time to see how much of it do you recall? Take this ultimate YJHD quiz to see if you remember everything that happened between the Manali trip and Aditi’s wedding.

1:What is Lara saying to Naina in this scene?

  1. “Aww how sad, Kisi ne tumhare parathe Nahi khaye?”
  2. “Pata hai Maine teen din se apne baal bhi nahi dhoye hai!”
  3. “Just what I needed”

2: Which university does Kabir get selected into?
1.Columbia University    2. University of California    3. Northwestern University of Chicago

3: What was the name of the temple on the Manali trek that was deemed to be haunted?

  1. “Bhairo ka mandir”  2. “Devi ka mandir”   3. “Hanuman mandir”

4: Name of the medicinal plant ‘Bunny’ says he’s using on ‘Lara’ on their trek?

  1. Aloe Vera   2. Ajinomato    3. Ajinibatato

5: Where does Aditi’s wedding take place?

  1. Udaipur   2. Jaipur   3. Rajkot

6: What is the tour guide’s name?

  1. Sumit     2. Sumer     3. Sameer

7: Which iconic song do ‘Bunny’ and ‘Avi’ sing to wake up ‘Aditi’?

  1. Tamma Tamma Loge     2. Bole Chudiyan     3. Jumma Chumma

ZNMD gave us major fraternity and friendship goals and we can all agree that we have seen the movie at least 5 times! It’s time to brush up your skills and see how much of it can you recall!

1: What was the teacher’s name who said “bwoys”?

  1. Sharmaji ka beta  2. Mr. Dubey   3. Mr. Duggal

2: Name of the biscuits in Imraan’s jingle?

  1. gold  2.happy.   3. diamond

3: Name the three sports Imraan, Arjun and Kabir chose respectively.

  1. Skydiving, Tomatina festival, Scuba diving
  2. Running with the bulls, Skydiving, Scuba diving
  3. Scuba diving, Running with the bulls, Skydiving.

4: Where did Imraan meet his father?

  1. Barcelona.  2 Costa Brava.   3. Jail

5: Who jumped out of the plane first?

  1. A stranger 2. Kabir 3. Arjun

6: What was ‘Bagwati’s’ price?

  1. €12000.    2. €5000.     3. €2000

7: Name the song everyone sings during Natasha’s flight back?

  1. I’m a rock chick
  2. Baby
  3. Highway to Hell

Who is not an Avengers fan? All of us have a favorite avenger and all of us cried during the last Avenger movie! Only a true-blue Avengers fan will be able to answer these questions, take your shot!

1: What is Captain America’s real name?

  1. Stephen Rogers
  2. Steve Rogers
  3. Steve Smith

2: Who is Loki’s Adoptive brother?

  1. Tony Stark
  2. Odin
  3. Thor

3: Which avenger is not from earth?

  1. Thor
  2. Captain America
  3. Hulk

4: Which weapons do Thor and Captain America carry respectively?

  1. Armour, shield
  2. Mjolnir, shield
  3. Mjolnir, Bow

5: Clint Barton’s super-hero name?

  1. Hawkeye
  2. Thor
  3. Iron man

6: Name this villain.

  1. Loki
  2. Thanos
  3. Doctor Doom

7: What is the total number of Infinity stones?

  1. 6
  2. 7
  3. 8