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Started in 2008, IPL added a new word to India’s vocabulary: Sport-ainment! Its success has been a catalyst for the T20 boom across the sporting world, but for India it was the beginning of a journey towards becoming a sports nation.

In 2008, the IPL created mass hysteria thanks to brilliant strategies which involved the appointment of regional brand ambassadors and promotions for each franchise in the competitive spirit of 'my city my team'. Today, IPL brings festivities to the family audience every summer and it's their appointment with games at stadiums and at home which makes IPL a mega hit.

IPL bought an exponential growth in terms of revenue into cricket as the biggest gainers were the players and the technical support staff, especially overseas. Sponsor interest was sustained through continuous value adding to the game and continuous return on investments resulting in a win-win situation for the right holders, the players, the sponsors and the fans. In addition to the economic growth, it also generated employment directly and indirectly. IPL has proved to be a real game changer with having a distinct Pre IPL and Post IPL era.

Given the fact that most emerging sports in India are modelled around the IPL’s format, it only proves that the tournament has been a huge hit. Apart from a bustling league format, finer nuances like Playoffs format or the Strategic Timeout have also been successful. It has ensured that losing teams are left to fight another day with the right holders also scoring big in terms of match revenue. Today IPL most certainly is a brand to reckon with, built with finesse and hard work.

The Hawk-Eye, Zing Wicket System, Umpire Cam and Super Slo-Mo are proof enough that the IPL is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to broadcast high-quality cricket and bring in people who don't follow the sport. IPL has not only bolted the technological upgradation in cricket but has also resulted in player development by proving the budding players to showcase their talents on an international platform. Lastly we do hope that the essence of the game (Test) remains while IPL goes about in its work of revolutionising cricket and inspiring other sports in India.

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