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I'm here to change your life forever, ah- what a cliche marketing strategy, right? Well, practically yes, but not untrue. Well, sit back, relax, probably sip on some coffee and allow me to alter the course of your life.

Just a flap of a butterfly's wing holds the potential of causing a tornado all the way across the globe.

With the flap of a butterfly’s wing creates an initial momentum in the air molecules, which then leads to the creation of an increasing amount of momentum and eventually an actual tornado. The butterfly effect essentially talks about how a tiny, seemingly insignificant change at the initial stage of an event can lead to a series of completely different and unpredictable outcomes. In other words, the tiniest of events has the potential to alter the course of your life forever.

More scientifically, it is a branch of mathematical science - chaos theory. It was first observed by meteorologist Edward Lorenz that even the smallest of changes in any of the variables of temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. lead to a completely different state of the atmosphere. Little did he know, this was not just the case with weather but with every system that was to ever touch upon the surface of the earth and even beyond.

It's funny how so many people aspire to change the world being completely unaware that they already are. Often, we think our existence doesn't matter, but in reality, it does. No matter who we are, our actions transform the course of the future in a unique way. You are here, and every choice you have ever made has led to you reading this. While you exist, every movement and moment matters. If you were to play time in rewind those bad choices may have led you to the best days of your life, so let them go.

You have been created with the ability to change the world. Every single choice you make, every single action you take, matters. In any case the reverse is also true: every choice you do not make, every action you do not take matters just as much. Butterflies will keep flapping their wings and causing hurricanes, so make your choices, make them loud.

And if you ever ceased to exist?

Imagine the mess it would make, the hearts it would break. So just stay, stay for the bad choices. Stay for the great ones. Stay. Cause a few hurricanes.

Perhaps your coffee is over and so is my blog, a warm welcome to your alternated future.

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