Songs We Can't Enough Of!

Music was not a luxury in times of epidemic uncertainty it was a necessity.” –  Dr. Chris Macklin.

Through centuries, music has been a saviour amidst disease, by helping people bond and connect with each other. The ability to overcome geographic boundaries has made it an important tool in coping with a global pandemic.  So let’s take it a bit further. Here is a list of both contemporary and timeless songs that we never get enough of! 

1.Can’t help falling in love – Elvis PresleyIt would be a lie if we claimed that we never had an impromptu karaoke session to this song.  Released in 1961, it remains an unparalleled favourite, a true classic. A soft ballad that transports you to the most peaceful and beautiful of places, you truly can’t help falling in love with this song.

2.Kahin to – Rashid Ali: More than a decade later, it’s still impossible to not hum along when this song starts playing. Composed by A.R Rahman, this beautiful song makes the simplest of moments feel surreal. The imagery “kahin to” creates is perfectly overwhelming. The past 12 years have proven that this song on its way to become a cultural classic.

3.Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen: Even today, there isn’t a single band that can match Queen’s prowess. Bohemian Rhapsody has a unique structure which makes it impossible to gloss over it. This song makes you want to get up and sing along at the top of your lungs. It feels like it’s a part of a fantasy and leaves you goose bump ridden.To this day, the energy is still unparalleled. 

4.Kun faya kun – A.R. Rahman: A spiritual reassurance, Kun faya kun is like warm tea on a cold day. This musical masterpiece by A.R Rahman, sung by Mohit Chauhan finds you at your lowest and helps you pick up the pieces and find the strength to begin again. The one thing that sticks out the most is the familiarity this song holds even when you hear it the first time.

5.Hotel California – Eagles: Hotel California tries to tell you a story, one that only you can interpret. The lyrics are just the right mix of ambiguous and unforgettable, making it seem like a secret. The song is downright fascinating and has been this way from the very time it came out. Also, who can forget the iconic guitar sequence?  

6.Kasoor – Prateek Kuhad: The beautiful music, relatable lyrics and absolutely adorable video are definitely the most endearing aspects of this song.  The song takes you through a series of emotions with flashbacks from what perhaps would be  considered a more childish phase in your life. This song is exactly what you need to feel good even at your lowest.  

7.My heart will go on – Celine Dion: Love it or hate it, we all have at least once tried to match the vocals of this song.  It is perfectly cheesy and overdramatic. Very few songs have inspired pop culture so much before this.  The key change is impressively exciting. This song has a separate fan base all together. 

8.Pehla nasha – Udit Narayan : Pehla Nasha is one of the very few Bollywood songs that feel so natural. Its calm and simple music paired with soothing vocals, carved a place in everyone’s heart.  With the entire video being shot in slow motion, it is perfectly at pace with the song itself.  It is also a straight road to nostalgia for many. Listen to this song once and it’ll be stuck in your head forever.

9.Everybody – Backstreet Boys : Without a doubt one of the most playful and energetic songs that you can’t help but sing out loud and dance a little to. One of the most popular numbers from the popular boy bands, this song is such an immovable part of pop culture that it’s hard to imagine a world without it. It is an instant trip down the memory lane, with imagery of playing this song on loop on your iPod.

10.For Aisha – MEMBA: For Aisha from “The sky is pink” is not just a song, it is a journey. A journey of love and an ode to a fulfilling life. It is a beautiful eulogy composed by Aisha’s elder brother. The lyrics are a perfect blend of Punjabi and English and every line is another tug at your heart. Once you’ve heard it, it won’t remain just a song, but a whole new definition of the world.