Giftract (@giftract)

We all know how difficult celebrations have become due to the pandemic. Giftract provides a unique solution to this problem. Giftract is a platform that allows you to give personalized apps as gifts! The apps range from simple quizzes, countdowns to even treasure hunts; the possibilities are truly endless. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary, or you simply want to pamper someone; these interactive gifts have got you covered!

Attero Recycling (

India’s largest electronic asset management company and cleantech pioneer, Attero actively promotes eco-friendly reuse and recycling of electronics. If you want to dispose of your electronics responsibly, Attero Electronics is where you should go.

Forest Essentials (@forestessentials)

This brand that is currently the rage in India, had humble beginnings. Forest Essentials is branded as “Luxurious Ayurveda”. This means everything is organic, herbal, and truly home-grown which is great for your skin. Also, one of its best features is that the products are cruelty-free!.

Ferns n Petals (

Ferns n Petals is India’s largest flower and gifts retailer with more than 320 plus outlets across the country and has been a household name for quite some time now.  What truly sets them apart from their competitors is their reach and their diversity in products. From flowers to cakes to plants, everything is available here. 

Bombay perfumery (@bombayperfumery)

Are you always looking for unique fragrances? Then Bombay Perfumery is the place to go! They use traditional ingredients like jasmine, tuberose, and sandalwood that are distinct to India to create unusual scents. Each perfume is concocted with the idea of evoking nostalgia each time it is put on. These perfumes are truly timeless!

Paperboat (@paperboatdrinks)

Paperboat is not merely a beverage; they are nostalgia in a bottle. Paperboat markets traditional Indian flavors that bring back all sorts of childhood memories. These are not only tasty but also healthier when compared to carbonated drinks. The beverages are available in flavors like “Aam Panna” and “Nimbu Paani”. Paperboat constantly innovates its products and has been able to connect to its consumers emotionally.

Flyrobe (@flyrobe)

While wardrobe rentals are gaining popularity internationally, India still hasn’t quite developed in this field, with the exception of a few, Flyrobe being one of them. Flyrobe is a Mumbai based fashion rental service that offers both clothes and accessories by leading designers and brands for a fraction of their original cost. Brands such as Forever New and ASOS are also available for a rental period of up to 3 days. Such start-ups pave the way for sustainable fashion. Wearing designer labels has never been easier.

Go try these startups today for a truly unique experience!