Dedicated workspace

While working from your bed seems like a sweet deal amidst this pandemic, it certainly isn’t helping you work better. Working in a spot otherwise meant for relaxing will only make you lazy. Ensure you have a dedicated workspace that is distraction-free and isn’t used for any other purpose. It will set a tone of focus and commitment towards your work.

Proper seating arrangement 

Working from home is not an excuse to let your posture suffer. While you are still at home, make sure your dedicated workspace comes with a comfortable seat. This can help you avoid those pesky backaches that are a consequence of sitting still for too long.

A routine

Staying in was initially a breath of fresh air. Now? It has become excessively tedious. Working from home has left no difference between one’s personal life and work life. In such a situation, it is even more important to have a routine that can help you stay focused and balanced.

Take breaks

In addition to having a routine, a little “me” time is not just important but also a necessity. A little exercise or practicing a hobby can help you calm down. It allows you to clear your mind and de-stress a little so that you’re at your best when you work!

Work essentials

Make sure to keep all your “essentials” such as your internet, stationery, headphones, and other devices ready and set up before you begin your work each day. Through this, you can avoid the frustration of looking for things between work and completely focus on the task at hand. Oh! Don’t forget your trusted ‘chai’ or coffee!

Personalized environment

Sitting in the same spot for hours on end each day can take a toll on you. But the good part is that your workspace doesn’t have to be boring! You can personalize it with your favorite knick-knacks, succulents, photo frames, and much more. Not only will you be more comfortable but seeing your favorite objects may also keep you happier and in turn motivated.