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Bollywood Deewangi

Have you ever wished to revisit the old times when there were no remakes and just pure Bollywood music? Here is your chance to dance your heart out on songs from your favourite eras So let's go 'HUMAARE ZAMANE MEIN?'

Bollywood Deewangi
Bollywood Deewangi

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Type of Event: Pre-Elims

Level Number: 5

Number of Teams: 25

Number of Participants per team: 10-15

Duration of Event: 4 hours

Type of Event: Finals

Duration of Event: 3 hours

Number of Participants per team: 10-15

Number of Teams: 15

Number of Podiums: 2

Rules And Regulations (Pre elims):

  • Performance Time- 4 mins + 1 minute set up time
  • No Props allowed for the Pre elims
  • Mashups and Medley will be allowed (to be pre-approved)
  • Participants can choose any Bollywood song of their own choice
  • Set up time should only be 1-minute maximum. Exceeding that, the performance time will be deducted
  • Remakes are not allowed

Rules And Regulations(Finals):

  • Performance Time: 7 mins+1 minute set up time
  • Props are allowed but to allow them is at the discretion of the organizers
  • Mashups, Medleys, and remixes will be allowed ( to be pre-approved)
  • Dialogues are allowed but voiceovers are not allowed
  • Qualified participants will get their respective eras on a chit basis

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