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A bustling city, a hawkers stall, walking around with just a camera in hand, can you capture it all? At Umang, we bring to you PHOTOWALKs. Explore your city as much as you want to, and show us the art of depicting city life stories through your pictures.


Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Type of Event: Pre On-Days

Level Number: 3

Number of Teams: No Limit

Number of Participants per team: 1

Duration of Event: 3 hours

Number of Podiums: 2

Rules & Regulations:

● Use of the following gadgets for shooting is allowed: Mobile Phones, DSLR cameras, Video Cameras, and GoPros.

● The participants must abide by the general rules and regulations.

● The participant must abide by the time limits.

● Any arguments with the participants, judges, or the organisers will lead to serious consequences for the participants.

● The Photowalk will be led by a professional photographer , so participants must be present on time.

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