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A Successful Failure

Generally, the word failure has had a negative connotation. And rightly so, for it means simply not being successful. Failing in an endeavor you wished to succeed at. Although what most people don't realize is that the act of failing isn't entirely negative, in fact, it's directly supplementing future success.

The fear of failure is the very thing that stops you from achieving success. Had a bad day? The next can only be better. Failed the term? don't fail the next one. Had a terrible interview? Ask for a second chance.

Take this childish, but insightful example. Say you have 2 boxes to choose from; one gives you everything you have ever wanted, the other contains nothing. With great determination and hope you pick one, but, alas, you are met with an empty box. Distraught and humiliated, you fall to the ground with a face stricken with horror. You had the opportunity to obtain all you had ever desired, but you failed to do so, and the only one to be blamed is none other than yourself. In such a situation, it’s hard for most to do the obvious which is to pick themselves up and open the next box. There wasn’t any mention of not getting another try, was there?

Likewise, most often, life gives do-overs. Although it might not seem that way, if you push enough for that very do over, rarely will you be denied. One only needs to learn to accept defeat and begin creating a strategy for still succeeding. Afterall, failure is the stepping stone to success.

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