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Embracing the Imperative of Mental Health

“it’s okay to not be okay”

Let's start with health. Health is the sync between a person's mind and body. One’s said to be in good health when their physical and mental health is in good condition.

It’s incredibly easy to know when you're not physically healthy. If you have a sprained ankle or are missing your left arm, chances are that your physical health is not at its best. However, the state of your mental health, despite being your own, is not that easy to deduce.

One’s mental health is a personal aspect of their life, an aspect lying in their thoughts and musings. Apart from the physical demonstrations of their emotions, there is no way for anyone else to ascertain the state of a person’s mental health. This very fact is what makes it so dangerous.

Neglecting mental health is known to result in grave consequences. Therefore quickly dealing with complications interfering with your mental health is a must. There are many ways to do so, of course, depending on your comfort. There are many ways to improve mental health: being physically active, journaling, sleeping more, going for a trip, etc. If there is a specific problem disturbing you, you can try dealing with it on your own or do mental exercises regarding the same. Writing about it on a piece of paper and tearing it up is a relatively popular and useful way of helping one to let go.

However, speaking about it with someone else is by far the best way to improve your mental health. Talking to someone outside of the situation may help get a clearer view of it, and also may help release pent-up feelings.

It is also completely normal to not have someone you can confide in. For this very reason, Umang is working on an initiative called ‘Just Ask’. Here, students can send their problems anonymously, may they be professional or personal. These queries will be answered by a panel of experienced psychologists so that the students receive the best help they can get.

In conclusion, addressing mental health is crucial for us all, and should be as equally prioritized as physical health is. And, of course, if you have any queries regarding your mental health, you can “just ask”.

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